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City of Peoria, Illinois

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Posted on Friday, July 14, 2023

All persons interested in participating in the Firefighter Examination Process Must submit copies of the following documents:

1.  Photocopy of Driver's License
2.  Photocopy of Certified Birth Certificate (This should be a copy of the registered (or certified) birth certificate, which is on file at the courthouse in the county of birth)  The hospital certificate with the footprints of the newborn is NOT an acceptable document.
4.  Photocopy of High School Diploma OR High School Transcript OR GED Certificate
5.  Photocopy of CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability Test) Card

You can submit all your documents with your application and then submit your CPAT card at a later date.

These documents can be submitted to the Debra Bush, City of Peoria, Human Resources Department, 419 Fulton Street, Room 202, Peoria, IL  61602 in person, fax to 309-494-8587; email to dbush@peoriagov.org or attach them to your on-line application.  If application is on file, please indicate so on the documents when forwarding them.

Contact Debra Bush, Affirmative Employment Specialist, at 309-494-8578 with any questions.

Examples of Duties

CPAT Information


CPAT card must be valid within one (1) year of the Written Examination (01/13/24). You must pass the CPAT examination, submit a completed application and the required documents and take the written examination to be in the Firefighter Eligibility Pool.


$150.00 for non- residents of the City of Peoria 

No Charge for City of Peoria residents (Must have a proof of residency such as a valid State of Illinois driver’s license or Illinois I.D. card, to be provided at the time of the test.)

  • There is no fee to participate in the Orientation Sessions.
  • There is no fee to participate in Open Gym Sessions.
  • There is no fee to participate in the Practice Test Sessions.  If you pass the CPAT Test in the Practice Test Sessions, you can pay the $150 fee to obtain your CPAT card or no charge for residents.
  • You will be able to satisfy the State requirement to perform a ladder card at the time of your CPAT card certification.  

All CPAT Sessions will be held at:  

Expo Gardens, 1601 W. Northmoor Road, Youth Building, Peoria, IL  61614



  • CPAT Orientation Sessions

Please contact the Fire Training Academy at 309-494-8721 to schedule an appointment.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023 – 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Thursday, September 14, 2023 – 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
 Saturday, September 16, 2023 – 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.



  • CPAT OPEN GYM – This is an opportunity to become familiar with the CPAT equipment, testing components, and work on any areas of the testing process.       You can come at any time during the time period to take advantage of the extra help.  You are not required to schedule an appointment for Open Gym.  The days are listed below:  6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023            Thursday, September 21, 2023

Tuesday, September 26, 2023            Thursday, September 28, 2023

Tuesday, October 3, 2023                   Thursday, October 5, 2023

Tuesday, October 10, 2023                 Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Thursday, October 26, 2023               Tuesday, November 2, 2023


CPAT OPEN GYM – Continued

Tuesday, November 7, 2023               Thursday, November 9, 2023

Tuesday, November 14, 2023             Thursday, November 16, 2023



  • CPAT Timed Practice Test Sessions 

Please contact the Fire Training Academy at 309-494-8721 to schedule an appointment.

            Friday, October 27, 2023 - 2:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

            Saturday, October 28, 2023 – 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.



  • CPAT Final Test Examination

Please contact the Fire Training Academy at 309-494-8721 to schedule appointment.

Friday, November 3, 2023 - 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Saturday, November 4, 2023 - 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Friday, November 17, 2023 – 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Saturday, November 18, 2023 – 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Minimum Qualifications

Age : Minimum age at the time of hire is 21 years old. Maximum age at the time of application is 34 years old except: Applicants having previous full-time employment on an Illinois Fire Department or with an Illinois Fire Protection District; or applicants who have served the hiring department (as volunteer, paid-on-call, or part-time) for the five (5) years preceding the time the Department begins to use full-time firefighters.

Citizenship Required : U.S. Citizenship; valid driver’s license; physical condition to perform the essential functions of the position and pass physical agility exam; no felony conviction.

High School Grad/GED : Minimum: Graduation from High School or GED equivalent minimum to apply.

Valid ILLINOIS Driver's License : Yes

Ability to Read/Speak English : Yes

College : Prefer applicants with Fire Science college courses or degree in Fire Science or related field (Not required to participate in the testing process.) 

Necessary Certifications : Emergency medical technician (EMT) certification preferred. (Not required to participate in the testing process.)

RESIDENCY : Applicants need not be residents of the City to apply. If hired, must establish and maintain permanent Peoria City residency at the end of one-year probationary period for ten full years of service.

Hiring Process : Monday, 11/27/23 Deadline for applications (5:00 p.m.) – You must complete an application to participate in the testing process.





It is a primary function of the Fire and Police Commission to pass upon the qualifications and fitness of candidates for entry-level positions in the City of Peoria Police Department and Fire Department.


In the interest of consistency, it is the desire of this Commission to establish some general guidelines to assist Commissioners in making those judgments.  These guidelines are not intended as hard and fast rules, and it is expected that these guidelines may be added to and revised.


  1. Illegal Drugs: While the Commission continues to believe that issues of illegal drug usage or involvement must be decided on a case-by-case basis, it is the consensus of the Commissioners that in the absence of exceptional circumstances, certain conduct clearly demonstrates a lack of commitment to a career as a public safety officer with the City of Peoria.  This would include, but not be limited to:


  1. Unlawful delivery or manufacturing of a controlled substance for profit;


  1. Unlawful use of a controlled substance after a candidate has submitted their application for a Police or Fire Eligibility pool.


  1. Cannabis: As of January 1, 2020, possessing cannabis is legal in Illinois in certain amounts. However, the amount of cannabis a person may possess and what forms is still regulated. Moreover, as of January 1, 2020, arrest records regarding cannabis use and possession are being expunged based on the offense and arrest date. Court records can automatically be expunged depending on the offense and arrest date. However, in some cases relief must be sought to expunge court records. In light of the progress in the law, this Commission believes that the issues of cannabis use and possession must be decided on a case-by-case basis; moreover, to widen the eligibility for candidates the Commission will consider the following:


  1. If an applicant’s record will, can, or is in the process of being expunged;


  1. The nature of the offense in terms of the amount in possession and the circumstances revolving around it;


  1. The nature of the offense in terms of use and the circumstances revolving around



  1. The Cannabis Regulation & Tax Act (effective January 1, 2020) does not authorize the recreational use of cannabis by police officers or firefighters.  


APPROVED AND ADOPTED by the Board of Fire & Police Commission on September 7, 2022.  

Supplemental Information

Wednesday, 1/3/24                 Orientation to Applicants – (4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.)

                                                Fire Training Academy, 7130 N. Galena Road, Peoria, IL  61615

(Not Mandatory)



Saturday, 1/6/24                      Orientation to Applicants – (9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.)

                                                Fire Training Academy, 7130 N. Galena Road, Peoria, IL  61615

(Not Mandatory)


WRITTEN EXAM (Mandatory) (Held in person at the site listed below.) – This testing period there will be three (3) days offered to take the written examination in person.  You can only attend one examination date of your choice.  You must contact the National Testing Network (NTN) by visiting the www.nationaltestingnetwork.com  website to schedule your test.    NO ONE ADMITTED AFTER 6:00 pm or 9:00 am (NO EXCEPTIONS)


Thursday, 1/11/24       Written Exam – In-Person - Fire Training Academy 

7130 N. Galena Road, Peoria, IL 61615


Friday, 1/12/24            Written Exam – In-Person - Fire Training Academy 

7130 N. Galena Road, Peoria, IL 61615


Saturday, 1/13/24        Written Exam – In Person - Fire Training Academy 

7130 N. Galena Road, Peoria, IL 61615


You can also take the written examination online as shown below:


The City of Peoria offers full testing services for the position of Firefighter through National Testing Network (NTN).  To register with NTN and schedule a test, go to www.nationaltesting network.com, select 'Find Jobs', then select (Firefighter) jobs and sign up for the City of Peoria.


When you visit the www.nationaltestingnetwork.com website:


1.  Complete the NTN registration process and schedule your test.

2.  Review all information related to the City of Peoria, including minimum                requirements, salary, and benefits.

3.  Review detailed information about the testing process.

4.  Review the Frequently Asked Questions and take an online practice test (if desired).

Upon completion of your scheduled exam, scores are automatically forwarded to the City of Peoria.  Candidates who attain a passing score on the entry level exam will be placed on the City of Peoria's eligibility list.  The City of Peoria will contact candidates on the list and will invite them to participate in further stages of the selection process.


Candidates will be notified by email the score you received on the written examination.   


Remember to fill out the application and return with copies all the required documents plus the CPAT card before the deadline of November 27, 2023.  You can come in person or mail to Human Resources Department, 419 Fulton Street, Room 202, Peoria, IL  61602; email to dbush@peoriagov.org; or fax to 309-494-8587.