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Greater Peoria, IL
Greater Peoria, IL

Clinical Surgery Technician- CPRH PACU



Peoria, IL, USA
Posted on Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Job Description

Utilizing technical knowledge and skills, provides operational support for the department manager, lead RNs and support activities of other departmental personnel on an as needed basis.

  • Use of usual and customary equipment used to perform essential functions of the position.
  • Work may occasionally require travel to other Carle Health facilities/hospitals.
  • requireduired to drive your own vehicle for business purposes.

Writes, reads, comprehends and speaks fluent English.Basic computer knowledge using word processing, spreadsheet, email, and web browser. Multicultural sensitivityCritical thinking skills using independent judgment in making decisions.

  • Demonstrates initiative and problem solving skills in daily work, equipment, daily operations, special functions and procedures. * Shows initiative and interest in daily work. * Establishes priorities to ensure effective surgery case activity. * Anticipates needs of multiple areas and initiates action to maintain efficiency. * Adept at problem solving; recognizes problems as they arise, and trouble shoots appropriately. * Demonstrates organization in tasks, time, motion and materials. * Performs duties in an efficient and effective manner. * Utilizes time well; recognizes time as a valuable resource and acts appropriately. * Efficiently multitasks while maintaining accuracy and quality. * Prepares charts and/or maintains them in a n organized manner. * Performs unit preparations daily. Quality control of equipment. * Exhibits thoroughness and accuracy in managing multiple activities simultaneously. * Initiates and coordinates activities of other support staff to ensure timely and appropriate patient arrival. * Ensures appropriate resources are available. * Knowledgeable and skilled in equipment and procedural needs. * Assists in a variety of venues as needed. * Performs patient bedside lab testing and associated quality control in compliance with medical providers orders and hospital lab procedures/policies. * Performs 12 lead EKG accurately and according to protocol and policy.
  • Demonstrates effective communication, time management, and conflict resolution skills. * Demonstrates effective written and verbal communication skills with a wide variety of individuals. * Deals with rapidly changing situations in a positive and effective manner. * Demonstrates effective conflict resolution skills. * Demonstrates effectiveness when dealing with irate customers. * Shows ability to solve problems by utilizing appropriate techniques. * Demonstrates respect for others regardless of age, gender, title or position. * Raises issues/concerns to appropriate individual in a timely manner. * Demonstrates a positive attitude. * Collaborates and communicates with nursing staff to ensure smooth operations. * Communicates directly with coworkers to resolve conflicts. * Prioritizes and delegates in an organized and focused manner to achieve operational efficiency.* Utilizes resources appropriately.
  • Performs a variety of clinical or clerical support functions to assure smooth and efficient flow of department processes. * Demonstrates wise use of time, supplies and other resources to promote responsible and cost-effective services. * Assists the clinical areas with routine duties such as maintenance, cleaning, and record keeping. * Supports the clinical staff through the performance of ancillary procedures such as taking vital signs, assist with changing clothes and any other patient need identified. * Sees that proper equipment is in the patient care area such as SCD machine, inspirometer, and others as needed. * Attends department meetings or education days as required. * Uses downtime to improve department appearance, stock, clean and to assist other healthcare members with their workload. * Is flexible and adapts to rapidly changing department needs. * Contributes to department and organizational goals. * Is self-directed and self-sufficient; works productively to ensure department needs are met. * Takes ownership for problem solving. * Holds peers accountable for quality work.* Readily shares knowledge with others; assists with department orientation including professionally trained staff. * Makes customers feel welcomed such as interns, residents, students. * Is seen as trustworthy, dependable, reliable.* Accepts and supports change. * Maintains technical skills related to multiple specialty procedural needs. * Offers suggestions to improve staffing and operations. * Assesses and interprets schedule to identify and initiate appropriate action. * Knowledgeable and skilled in the sequencing of activities related to surgery and anesthe