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Greater Peoria, IL
Greater Peoria, IL

Echo Tech - Cardiovascular Non-Invasive



Peoria, IL, USA
Posted on Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Job Description

To provide high quality ultrasound images of the heart and great vessels for adult patients, technical assistance with exercise and non-exercise stress testing, and to handle other duties as required or assigned.

American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) Certified with AHA recognized allied health certifying body within 1 year and Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI) in Echocardiography.
Successful completion of certification testing must be completed within 1 year of employment.

  • Use of usual and customary equipment used to perform essential functions of the position.

Writes, reads, comprehends and speaks fluent English.Basic computer knowledge using word processing, spreadsheet, email, and web browser. Works proficiently with computers and software driven testing machines and digital archive system.

  • Performs high quality two-dimensional ultrasound studies of the heart and great vessels, along with identifying EKG abnormalities and/or arrthymia.* Utilizes knowledge of age specific needs of patients in performance of everyday duties and responsibilities.* Understands complimenting imaging and/or doppler techniques, including when to use these methods to investigate specific clinical questions. Knowledge of patient positioning, breathing techniques, position and direction for positioning of the transducer to ultimately give the best visualization of the cardiac structures.* Proficient in recognizing abnormalities in structure and function, in distinguishing normal from abnormal findings, and in recognizing imaging artifacts.* Knowledge of gross and sectional anatomy.* Demonstrates use of M-Mode technique for measuring the cardiac dimensions at precise times of the cardiac cycle.* Estimates the severity of the valvular insufficiencies by mapping the dimensions, orientation, and directions of the regurgitant jet with the color flow doppler.* Assess the blood flow through the heart, including increased velocities, stenosis, regurgitations and shunts with the pulsed and continuous-wave doppler.* Uses contrast echocardiography in cases where two-dimensional and color flow are suboptimal.* Evaluates left and right ventricular systolic and diastolic functions and documents wall motion abnormalities.* Recognizes rare, common, simple and complex congenital heart malformations, acquired pathologies, possible outcomes of palliative and corrective surgical procedures.* Completes the study according to updated protocols, recognizes the needs and presents additional views, calculations and measurements when necessary.* Uses segmental approach while obtaining the images of the cardiac structures in four echocardiographic windows: parasternal, apical, subcostal and suprasternal notch regions.* Operates the ultrasound equipment, including the function of all controls affecting the quality of the data displayed. This includes knowledge of the key controls to expedite the study and produce interpretable images (TCG, focus, gains).* Selects the transducer best suited to the structures of interest for optimal resolution and adequate penetration.* Obtains, reviews, and documents pertinent patient history, physical examination and supporting clinical data to facilitate diagnostic results.* Correlates clinical history with exam to be performed and consults with the cardiologist for clarification.* Monitors, records, charges and communicates appropriately utilizing computerized documentation system.* Prepares, instructs, assists the patients, and produces the images in a timely manner for dobutamine and exercise stress echocardiograms.* Assists the cardiologist in performing transesophageal echocardiograms (TEE).* Communicates results to the cardiologist and responds to possible questions and concerns in a timely manner.* Maintains monthly correlation studies and monthly statistics.* Demonstrates the ability to troubleshoot and report equipment failure.* Participates in mobile echo/vascular service regionally.* Participates in callback rotation.
  • Assists in performing functional, pharmacological cardiolite, and echocardiography stress testing.* Documents procedures correctly.* Accurately assesses the patients and their physical ability to perform the tests.* Accurately interprets and clarifies physician's orders.* Provides thorough assessments of a patient in a crisis situation, then notifies the physician when necessary.* Displays proficiency in knowing lethal arrthymias.* Completes quarterly competency in stress lab, holter monitoring and event monitoring.
  • Uses time, supplies, and other resources productively to promote responsive and cost effective care.* Completes work within assigned shift.* Uses overtime only when necessary.* Organizes and prioritizes work regardless of frequent interruptions.* Uses slow time to work on additional