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Greater Peoria, IL

Mental Health Associate - Addiction Recovery Center



Peoria, IL, USA
Posted on Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Job Description

Mental Health Associate works with the treatment team to ensure complete coordination of the patient treatment plan from admission through discharge.

Bachelor's Degree in in Addiction, Counseling, Social Work, Psychology, or another related field, if hired after 1/1/19.

Certified Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselor (CADC) Must possess and maintain a current certification from Illinois Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association within three years of hire/start date. within 3 years.

  • Must have control over personal use of all mood-altering chemicals and behaviors.
  • If recovering from an addiction, must currently have a minimum of 2 years of uninterrupted recovery and must actively treat this addiction by appropriate recovery practices.
  • Use of usual and customary equipment used to perform essential functions of the position.
Required English Skills Advanced reading skills Advanced writing skills Advanced oral skills Communication Skills Ability to respond appropriately to customer/co-worker Interaction with a wide variety of people Maintain confidential information Ability to communicate only the facts to recipients or to decline to reveal information Ability to project a professional, friendly, helpful demeanor Computer Skills Basic computer knowledge: Uses word processing, spreadsheet, e-mail application, and web browser. Comfortable within a Windows OS and learning new applications.

  • ENSURES PATIENTS RECEIVE COMPREHENSIVE SERVICES: Assists the interdisciplinary treatment team in patient assessments and the development of goal -directed treatment. * Works with the treatment team to provide complete services to patients. * Accurately documents activities according to the policies and procedures of the IIAR.* Is knowledgeable of and capable of providing emergency assistance in regard to inappropriate acting out behavior by any patient. Always attempts to utilize verbal redirection, interaction of other staff, utilization of quiet room, etc. before instituting emergency measures such as Security Alerts, restraints, etc.* Is knowledgeable and capable of working with patients who present a dual problem, Co-Occurring Substance Use and Mental Health Disorder. * Is knowledgeable of and appropriately institutes the daily program format on the adult. Guides activities on the daily schedule to provide optimum treatment while instilling a sense of positive empowerment to patients.* Provides that all patient contact and interaction is based upon inherent dignity, individuality, culture and beliefs of each patient. Patient care is provided in a compassionate, humane, and non-enabling manner.* Provides patient care with attention/knowledge of age specific care.* Conducts Addiction Assessments including but not limited to patient rights, obtaining releases of information, advanced directives, etc.)* Participates in interdisciplinary clinical staffing or ensures pertinent information is provided to team* Demonstrates Motivational Interviewing skills when working with patients. * Serves as the witness for RNs when wasting medication.
  • THERAPEUTIC ENVIRONMENT AND SAFETY FOCUS: Assists in the creation and maintenance of a therapeutic milieu so that the unit is a safe, caring, nurturing, healing, and educative environment.* Sets behavioral limits on patients according to unit policies, individual plan of care and behavior modification plans* De-escalates patients utilizing CPI techniques* Participates in application of seclusion/restraints when appropriate; provides monitoring of patients in such situation; completes appropriate documentation, including restriction of rights forms* Provides supportive care to patients and families.* Conducts safety rounds* Assists patients in conflict resolution* Role models stress management* Ensures patient safety of unit by following policies/procedures and adhering to unit protocols and national patient safety goals
  • THERAPEUTIC GROUPS AND INDIVIDUAL THERAPIES: Provides group and individual therapies for all patients as assigned in order to provide comprehensive, quality treatment.* Facilitates educational sessions, structured groups and psychoeducational groups in accordance with the patient's plan of care* Utilizes a variety of therapeutic models as appropriate to the clinical situation, but primarily has a brief therapy/cognitive behavioral therapy focus* Ensures the milieu maintains a therapeutic environment* Incorporates Recovery principles in all therapeutic interventions* Documents interventions in a succinct and goal directed manner using DAR format* Recognizes and reports abuse/neglect situations as required by law* Provides support, sets limits, and/or facilitates learning from the situation when providing situational 1:1 interventions* Adheres to group rules and scheduled groups start and end on time.* Follows group content outlines in group manual and individualizes groups to needs of current patient population* Engages patients to participate of all patients as appropriate in community meetings* Interacts with parents/significant others to answer programming questions, patient progress, etc * Gives accurate, objective data during report to oncoming shift in supplement to RN report.