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Greater Peoria, IL
Greater Peoria, IL

Monitor Technician-Cardiac 5C



Peoria, IL, USA
Posted on Thursday, August 31, 2023

Job Description


The Monitor Technician's functions include observation, identification, documentation and communication of various cardiac rhythms. The Monitor Technician reports these changes to the patient's assigned nurse and responds to physician inquiries

Minimum Requirements

Identify items that are minimally required to perform the essential functions of this position.

Preferred or Specialized

Not required to perform the essential functions of the position.


High School graduate or GED

Certificate of completion from an accredited Nurse Aide training program.


Medical terminology, typing and knowledge of computer system


Successful completion of the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) approved Nursing Assistant competency examination to achieve CNA certification.


Writes, reads, comprehends and speaks fluent English.

Basic computer knowledge using word processing, spreadsheet, email, and web browser.

Multicultural sensitivity

Critical thinking skills using independent judgment in making decisions.

Advanced reading, writing and oral skills

Ability to utilize PC including, basic elements of Windows environment, keyboarding, work with mouse, and perform basic computer tasks with instruction.


Use of usual and customary equipment used to perform essential functions of the position.

Required to drive your own vehicle for business purposes.


Continuously observes, evaluates, and recalls cardiac rhythms of telemetry patients. Effectively performs video monitoring of seizure patients.

  • Assessment of cardiac rhythm
  • Accurately interprets cardiac rhythms
  • Measures EKG intervals to make accurate cardiac rhythm assessment
  • Recognizes dysrhythmias or changes in EKG complex promptly
  • Monitors Q waves, ST segment and QT intervals and notes changes
  • Responds to all monitoring outcomes
  • Investigates the cause of any interruption in reception of the heart rhythm
  • Documentation
  • Accurately documents EKG rhythm strip at the beginning of each shift
  • Documents all changes in rhythms or EKG complex Reporting
  • Gives concise, complete end of shift report
  • Gives concise, complete EKG rhythm report to the RN caring for the patient on telemetry
  • Reports all changes in rhythm and EKG complex to the RN caring for the patient on telemetry
  • Interacts with physicians when inquiries are made
  • Reports any interruption in reception of heart rhythm
  • Knows process for renewal of telemetry.
  • Monitoring of seizure patients
  • Continuously observes patient activity via video monitor
  • Recognizes changes in patient behavior or activity while on the video monitor
  • Manipulates video camera to assure continuous observation via video monitor
  • Alerts staff caring for the patient of any changes in behavior or activity

Ensures proper function of monitoring equipment, maintains adequate supplies, and uses troubleshooting techniques to enhance optimal utilization of equipment.

  • Knowledgeable about monitoring systems
  • Able to use the functions of the monitoring system and individualize settings to each patient's need
  • Able to maneuver video camera to ensure adequate monitoring of seizure patients
  • Correctly enters monitoring changes in the computer
  • Troubleshooting
  • Uses problem-solving skills and past experiences to optimize use of monitoring equipment or to address equipment failure
  • Seeks assistance from peers, Nurse Manager or Biomedical Engineering to address equipment concerns
  • Reports equipment failures immediately
  • Maintains supplies
  • Maintains responsibility for controlling equipment and supplies
  • Documents and tracks equipment use
  • Reports equipment needs to Unit Leader
  • Restocks MT supplies as needed

Maintains current knowledge of cardiac monitoring and participates in continuing education.

  • Knowledge and education
  • Successfully completes certification EKG test and ongoing recertifications.
  • Attends required in-services
  • Interacts with CNS to advance skills
  • Participates in unit meetings and in-services
  • Shares information with peers

Integration of individual efforts within unity and performs supportive activities to optimize efficient patient care.

  • Supportive activities
  • Politely and promptly answers all telephone lines
  • Enters changes as appropriate
  • Computer entry for orders including but not limited to: Labs, SPD supplies
  • Flexibility and adaptation to changing unit needs
  • Accepts, assists with, and supports unit changes with explanation
  • Efficient and accurate response in a unit crisis
  • Assists in sitting with patients
  • Unit involvement
  • Willingness to assist peers in assignment completion
  • Maintains open communication
  • Assists in achieving department goals and objectives
  • Gives and receives peer evaluation constructively
  • Knowledgeable of quality assurance indicators and assists in improvement of patient care