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Greater Peoria, IL
Greater Peoria, IL

Healthcare Tech- CMH ICU 8P



Peoria, IL, USA
Posted on Thursday, July 6, 2023

Job Description


Under the direction of a Registered Nurse (RN), the Health Care Technician (HCT) functions as a support to the licensed nursing staff and performs activities related to the personal care and hygiene needs of an assigned patient group. Facilitates communication with other departments, visitors, patients, medical staff and employees. Serves as a public relations liaison for the unit. Works under the direct supervision of the nursing manager.

Minimum Requirements

Identify items that are minimally required to perform the essential functions of this position.

Preferred or Specialized

Not required to perform the essential functions of the position.


Certificate of completion from an accredited Nurse Aide training program.

High School Diploma/GED preferred.


1-3 years of experience in nursing assisting preferred.


Successful completion of the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) approved Nursing Assistant competency examination to achieve CNA certification.

CPR certification within 30 days of hire date.


Writes, reads, comprehends and speaks fluent English.

Basic computer knowledge using word processing, spreadsheet, email, and web browser.


Use of usual and customary equipment used to perform essential functions of the position.

Required to drive your own vehicle for business purposes.


Performs Patient Care Activities as delegated by the Nurse utilizing applicable policies and procedures to ensure patient needs and expectations are met.

  • Knowledgeable and skilled in applicable procedures in providing care.
  • Provides hygiene needs of assigned patients (AM/PM care, oral hygiene and denture care, perineal care, shampoo, bathing, shaving, care of TED/SCD hose.)
  • Provides nutritional needs of assigned patients. (Tray distribution, setting up trays, offering supplements, feeding, adding tube feeding and recording intake.)
  • Provides elimination needs of assigned patient. (Foley care, bowel movements, bladder training, enemas, and external catheters; records output.)
  • Provides skin care of assigned patients. (turning, positioning, recognition and prevention of skin breakdown, operation of special beds, nail care, and back rubs.)
  • Provides comfort measures (Proper positioning, back rubs, oral care, wrinkle free bed sheets and ensuring that bedside table, water pitcher, urinal are within reach.)
  • Provides activity needs of assigned patients (i.e. dangling, turning, chair, ambulating, walker, and crutches).
  • Performs measurements of assigned patients (I&O, hemoccult, gastrocult, TPR, B/P, weights, empty drains, abdominal girth, hose measurements)
  • Performs additional skills as directed and supervised by the nurse, after training and certification, i.e. intermittent urinary catheterization and clean dressing changes (varies by unit or area).
  • Assists with admission, transfer, and discharge of patient.
  • Completes assigned aspects of admission process including vital signs, height and weight, room setup, room orientation, assists patient to bed, assures call light available etc.
  • Sets up equipment for care (IV poles, admission kit, others)
  • Stores and transfers belongings (dentures, hearing aids, glasses and other personal items).
  • Packs up all patient belongings at discharge.
  • Achieves patient satisfaction when providing patient care.
  • Makes rounds minimally every two hours to assure that patients are comfortable, positioned properly, call light available, room orderly.
  • Patient needs are met and satisfaction of care is expressed
  • Demonstrates ability to anticipate patient needs
  • Answers all call lights promptly
  • Respects privacy
  • Reports pertinent patient information to the nurse assigned to the patient in a timely manner.
  • Documentation is completed prior to leaving shift.

Uses time, supplies, and other resources productively to promote responsive and cost effective care for our patients. Performs unit maintenance duties/errands to ensure a clean, neatly organized, efficiently operating unit

  • Completes care while conserving resources.
  • Completes work within assigned shift.
  • Overtime used only as requested by Director/Unit Leader/Lead RN/ Shift Coordinator.
  • Prevents waste of supplies and linen.
  • Checks patient room for unused equipment/supplies and returns to SPD promptly.
  • Assists with patient lifting in a timely manner
  • Demonstrates ability to organize and prioritize work with changes as directed by the nurse.
  • Uses slow time to improve unit appearance and accept additional assignments.
  • Assists others in assignment completion.
  • Willingly responds to requests by nursing staff accepting delegated duties from the Registered Professional Nurse and Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Performs unit maintenance duties
  • Maintains neat and safe patient environment, including bedside table, bathrooms, wastebaskets, bedpans, and specipans.
  • Assures discontinued equipment is removed from patient rooms.
  • Completes assigned maintenance tasks such as: cleaning of kitchen, refrigerators, utility rooms, IV poles, carts, making charts, and distributing SPD items.
  • Ensures adequate stock of BSI supplies in all rooms.
  • Knowledgeable of SPD exchange cart system and consistently charges out supplies used.
  • Performs errands as requested
  • Knowledgeable of locations of various support areas.
  • Responds promptly to urgent requests.

Assumes personal responsibility for patient, environmental and personal safety score:

  • Provides for safety measures of assigned patients (lifting, transfers, side rails, bed checks, call lights, gait belt use, back safety, slide board, use of restraints.)
  • Maintains clear hallways and doorways on an ongoing basis.
  • Uses protective equipment appropriately.
  • Always washes hands between patients and procedures.
  • Practices good body mechanics, getting assistance as needed to protect patient and own safety.
  • Promptly reports unsafe equipment of risky situations.
  • Alert and responsive to all alarms/call lights.
  • Demonstrates a practical problem-solving approach to patient moving and handling issues
  • Demonstrates skills to promote patient and staff safety through appropriate use of lift equipment.

Through teamwork and effective communication, contributes toward a department environment that promotes customer and employee satisfaction score:

  • Assists in achieving department goals and objectives.
  • Utilizes teamwork effort to maintain positive patient perceptions in the areas of promptness, friendliness, attitude to call, took problem seriously, attention to special needs, temperature of foods, noise level, temperature of the room, attitude towards visitors, and concern for privacy.
  • Attends educational offerings to validate skills and maintain current knowledge of patient care.
  • Gives and receives peer evaluation constructively.
  • Recognizes unit as three interrelated shifts, supporting changes and assisting with staffing needs.
  • Is knowledgeable of quality assurance indicators and assists in improvement of patient care, such as ID bands, patient falls, and infection control.
  • People-to-People philosophy demonstrated with patient and families.
  • Displays warmth, concern, and respect for patients and their families.
  • Respects patient's and family's privacy.
  • Responds promptly to patient and family requests. Alerts the nurse promptly when his/her intervention is required.
  • Timely response to call lights.
  • Explains procedures, etc. to patient and family within the nursing assistant scope such as meal times, a.m. care delivery.
  • Demonstrates People-to-People Philosophy with unit staff/other hospital personnel.
  • Conveys warmth, concern, and respect for all hospital personnel.
  • Responsive to requests and concerns from other personnel.
  • Communication with others is open, honest and respectful.
  • Interacts constructively and supportively with other personnel.
  • Recognizes role others play in providing care to the patient.
  • Provides pertinent information on assigned patients to the nurse during the shift and as requested.
  • Assists peers in assignment completion.