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Greater Peoria, IL
Greater Peoria, IL

Clinical Laboratory Technician - CMPG Fam Med North Allen



Peoria, IL, USA
Posted on Friday, May 26, 2023

Job Description


A professionally trained and highly knowledgeable individual that performs clinical laboratory testing and assists in promoting a quality of service based on accuracy and timeliness in reporting results. Under general supervision, the Clinical Laboratory Scientist is responsible for assisting the department manager in the effective operation of the laboratory through the coordination of all activities in their respective responsibilities

Required English Skills

Basic reading skills

Basic writing skills

Basic oral skills


Associate's Degree in a clinical laboratory technology and Education must meet the requirements defined in CLIA regulation 42CFR493.1489

Communication Skills:

Ability to respond appropriately to customer/co-worker

Interaction with a wide variety of people

Maintain confidential information

Ability to communicate only the facts to recipients or to decline to reveal information

Ability to project a professional, friendly, helpful demeanor

Computer Skills:

Basic computer knowledge: Uses word processing, spreadsheet, e-mail application, and web browser. Comfortable within a Windows OS and learning new applications.


Demonstrates technical skills in the preanalytical phase of the testing process.

· Determines acceptability of specimens within guidelines.

· Follows protocol in labeling pour-offs.

· Stores specimens under appropriate conditions as quickly as possible.

· Prepares reagents / standards / calibrators correctly and ensures they are dated & in sufficient quantity.

· Performs daily, weekly, monthly maintenance activities and documents appropriately.

· Recognizes inappropriate specimens; rejects.

· Assigns complete and accurate source with microbiology specimens; logs specimens into microbiology with correct date and time.

· Recognizes appropriate selections of test orders; can assist in making recommendations for proper test order.

· Selects appropriate culture media, incubation temps and atmosphere for microbiology cultures.

· Organizes and prioritizes work for optimum turnaround time.

· Observes safety guidelines.

· Streaks plates with good standard isolation technique or for quantification (colony counts).

· Recognizes appropriate selection of test orders.

· Performs processing/ordering functions correctly

· Evaluates new products, new assays, new systems and & new instrumentation when assigned.

· Performs linearity, sensitivity, precision, correlation, and reference range validation before new or revised test

procedures are implemented when assigned.

Demonstrates skills in the analytical phase of testing process.

· Follows test protocol.

· Performs test procedures with care and accuracy.

· Makes dilutions accurately; calculates correctly.

· Selects appropriate identification and susceptibility testing and performs accurately

· Performs proficiency testing successfully within assigned timeframe.

· Displays knowledge by correlating test results to disease states and resolving problems with methodologies and/or instrumentation.

· Ensures quality of work by performing QC at required intervals, performing calibrations and footnoting QC following calibration, investigating cause of out-of-control QC and resolves before testing is resumed. Ensures that outdated materials (kits, QC, or reagents) are not used; uses oldest outdate first.

· Ensures timeliness of testing by organizing work for minimal turnaround time, performing work in careful manner to minimize repeat testing and turnaround time, referring testing to alternate sites if in-place systems are not operable.

· Teaches both procedure and theory to students, peers, and new employees

· Ensures that QC is tested and documented at frequencies mandated by manufacturers and regulatory agencies

· Reviews worksheets and maintenance logs; investigates or corrects as needed

Demonstrates skills in the post analytical phase of the testing process.

· Recognizes implausible results, unusual tests reactions, errors, and instrument malfunctions and is able to investigate & problem solve.

· Enters data results properly & carefully, including required notification & documentation.

· Reviews data entry for correctness prior to verifying results to minimize errors.

· Uses work center pending logs to assess completion of testing to improve turnaround time.

· Uses computer functions to access information necessary for resulting out data and/or giving out results to


· Serves as technical resource.

· Addresses unresolved method & equipment problems by utilizing manufacturer resources such as hot lines or

operating manual to assist in problem solving.

· Communicates all information necessary to subsequent shifts for completion of testing process or problem resolution.

Participates in support activities necessary to insure a smooth and efficiently run operation.

· Contributes ideas and assists in implementing changes to insure cost-effective operation of the department.

· Supports same shift co-workers by assisting in department support activities: calibrates pipettes, takes temperatures, dates all kits, QC, reagents in use, dates and restocks reagents and supplies, washes pipettes and glassware, empties garbage, unpacks boxes from receiving and documents receipt, alerts appropriate person if inventory is low. · Cleans and maintains instruments, refrigerators, freezers and work and storage areas. · Displays a willingness and interest in learning new instruments or procedures or in cross training into other areas. · Generates electronic messages (email), prepares reports, and completes data sheets using computer capabilities. · Provides support for lead tech or managers/coordinators. · Provides support for other laboratory sections by assisting when staffing shortages or heavy workload events occur and helps to maintain lounge areas used in all sections. · Thoroughly investigates and documents all incidents, complaints and concerns. · Communicates them upward as necessary and enters them into event reporting system.

Proctor Campus Only

· Follows age specific care guidelines in collecting specimens from the various age categories of neonate, child,

adolescent, adult and elderly.

· Collects specimens using the proper procedures & protocols.

· Observes principles of phlebotomy, such as avoid drawing by IV, red/blue top before blue top, etc.

· Receives samples into the laboratory information system to accurately reflect the date and time of collection.